Longitudinal data resources

UK Longitudinal Linkage Collaboration
The UK Longitudinal Linkage Collaboration (UK LLC) is the national Trusted Research Environment for longitudinal research including many of the UK’s most established longitudinal studies. The mission of the UK LLC is to provide a data linkage resource for its partner studies and a simple one-application process for UK researchers applying to access linked longitudinal research data.
CLOSER Discovery
CLOSER Discovery is a research tool that enables searching for variables measured in the UK’s leading longitudinal population studies and testing their robustness. The tool provides detailed information about the variables and where to access the data from each study.
Health Data Research UK Innovation Gateway
The Health Data Research (HDR) UK Innovation Gateway is a portal in which researchers can search, discover and request access to hundreds of datasets, tools and resources for health research. The HDR UK Innovation Gateway contains information that is useful to researchers, data custodians and patients and the public.
Catalogue of Social Care Data
The Catalogue of Social Care Data (CASCID) collates existing datasets with social care measures of social care need, provision or receipt. The CASCID provides overview information about the datasets and detailed information about the measures and enables users to search and filter by either datasets or measures.
Harmony is a tool that can compare the compatibility of different measures and questionnaire items of mental health. This tool enables the retrospective harmonisation of measures and items used in different studies, supporting cross-study comparisons and the maximisation of their data usability.
Landscaping International Longitudinal Datasets project website
The Landscaping International Longitudinal Datasets project was commissioned by the Wellcome Trust to conduct a global mapping of longitudinal datasets with the potential for transformative research on depression, anxiety and psychosis. The Landscaping project website includes the findings of the project and a searchable list of over 3,000 longitudinal datasets that were identified from around world.
Maelstrom Catalogue
The Maelstrom Catalogue is a searchable platform that contains comprehensive information about epidemiological research networks and studies, and the data they have collected. Maelstrom also provides information about harmonized data generated by these research networks.
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