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The Airwave Health Monitoring Study is an occupational cohort study which was established to evaluate the possible health risks associated with use of Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA), a digital communication system used by the police force. Due to the collection of extensive phenotypic data, biological samples, and the availability of linked health data, the study has been broadened to investigate more generally the health and social outcomes of working in the police force in Great Britain.

Imperial College London

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England, Scotland, Wales

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Occupational cohort

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Employees of all 54 police forces as well as police-related agencies within Great Britain were invited to participate. Since the commencement of the study, a total of 28 forces have agreed to participate. Participants completed enrolment questionnaires during the first phase of the study. The second phase of the study consisted of a health screening performed locally by trained nurses. Overall, 16% of participants completed only phase one, 58% completed only phase two, and 26% completed both phases. Additionally, 62.9% of the participants are men, and the average age at enrolment was 40.9 years for men and 38.5 years for women.

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17,577 (2015 - Follow-up Clinic Questionnaire)


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Health data

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Related themes
Biomarkers, Cognitive measures, Diet and nutrition, Socioeconomic status and deprivation, Language and literacy, Physical health assessment, Digital technology and social media, Victimisation and life events, Reproductive health, Work and employment, Sleep problems

Key Papers

The Airwave Health Monitoring Study of police officers and staff in Great Britain: rationale, design and methods.

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Imperial College Biomedical Research Centre
Medical Research Council
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