Born in Bradford (BiB)

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Born in Bradford is a large birth cohort study based at Bradford Royal Infirmary, a hospital in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire. The study was established in 2007 to examine how genetic, nutritional, environmental, behavioural and social factors impact on health and development during childhood, and subsequently adult life in a deprived multi-ethnic population.

National Health Service (NHS)

Geographic coverage
England - Bradford

Start date


Sample type
Birth cohort

Sample details
All women booked for delivery at the Bradford Royal Infirmary were offered an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) at 26–28 weeks gestation. Around 80% took up this offer. Study information was given to women by their mid-wife at their booking appointment and they were invited to take part. On attendance at the OGTT clinic, full consent was obtained for recruitment to BiB, and the woman was invited to complete an interviewer-administered questionnaire. Between March 2007 and November 2010, over 80% of the women who attended the OGTT took up the invitation, and 12 453 women with 13 776 pregnancies were recruited to the cohort. All babies born to women who agreed to participate in the cohort study were eligible for recruitment.

Partners of the women who were recruited to the cohort were also invited to participate. Only a small proportion of fathers attended the OGTT clinic with their partners. Others were approached when they attended the hospital with their partner for other appointments or when a member of the study team visits the family home during follow-up visits.

Sample size at recruitment
12,453 women with 13,776 pregnancies
13,818 births
3,448 fathers/partners
For more information see Wright et al. 2013.

Sample size at most recent sweep
1,232 (BiB1000 36 month sweep - obesity sub-sample)


Age at recruitment

Cohort year of birth


Data access
Contact study team - proposal

Genetic data collected

Linkage to administrative data

Additional information


Related Themes
Administrative data, biomarkers, birth and perinatal period, diet and nutrition, ethnicity and race, genetic data, income and socioeconomic status, migration and immigration, physical health, COVID

Reference paper

Wright J, Small N, Raynor R, et al. (2013). Cohort profile: the Born in Bradford multi-ethnic family cohort study. International Journal of Epidemiology, 42.

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