Cognitive Function and Ageing Study II (CFAS II)

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Since the baseline of MRC CFAS there has been an increase in life expectancy, changes in major chronic disease and potentially advances in symptomatic treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. CFAS II builds upon the design and infrastructure of MRC to investigate the implications of changes in morbidity and frailty on health itself, as well as the use of services and expenditure in health and social care on future. It also provides important baseline information on older people aged 65-84 in 2008-2011 who will reach the age of greatest frailty during the 2020’s, when the peak in the number of people aged 85 or over is expected and at a time when major therapeutic interventions for dementia could be expected to have an effect.

Department of Public Health and Primary Care, University of Cambridge

Geographic coverage - Nations

Geographic coverage - Regions
Cambridgeshire; Newcastle; Nottingham

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Cohort study

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Building on the design and infrastructure of the initial (MRC CFAS) study, new cohorts were recruited. A population based sample of 2,500 individuals born before 1942 from each centre were drawn from general practice records, sampling 1,250 individuals from each of the age groups 65-74 and 75 years and over.

Sample size at recruitment

Sample size at most recent sweep
5,288 (2013 - Wave 2)
650 original cohort members (2021 - Covid-19)


Age at recruitment
65 years +

Cohort year of birth
Before 1942


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Covid-19 data collection, Biomarkers, Cognitive measures, Cognitive decline, Diet and nutrition, Socioeconomic status and deprivation, Language and literacy, Loneliness and social isolation, Physical health assessment, Work and employment, Sleep problems, Social care - receipt, Social care - provision, Social care - need

Key Papers

A two decade dementia incidence comparison from the Cognitive Function and Ageing Studies I and II.

Medical Research Council
Alzheimer's Society
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